Fitness Center

Shoreby Club offers a Fitness Center for use by all members open 24/7/365. 

The Fitness Center offers a range of equipment, including but not limited to treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machine, weights, fixed bar bells, Pelotons with membership and a variety of weight-lifting equipment to target different areas of the body. 

There are TVs available, so you can put on the news or other program if you so choose.  You might also meet other members and even possibly find a new workout buddy! 

Lastly we do have men’s and women’s locker rooms offering lockers, restroom and shower.  We do ask that you only utilize the lockers while you use the Fitness Center so they are available to as many members as possible.

There is access to Shoreby Club from the NH property, with direct access to the Fitness Center, Harbor Grill Restaurant and the pool.  Shoreby Club offers food & beverage to-go for pick-up or delivery throughout the harbor. 

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